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  Antonio Hernández Moreno was born in Aguilas, Murcia (Spain) in 1964.
He studied at the Conservatory of Music and the University of Murcia.
In 1984 he founded the group "Ragtime Concert Band" in which he combined the roles of leader and flutist. The ensemble, formed by ten musicians, has offered many public and private concerts being selected to participate at the Young Spanish Jazz Performers Festival (Mallorca-Spain-1987) and at the Biennale of Music and Theatre (Módena-Italy-1988).
He has published many articles about music, collaborating in different magazines and broadcasting programmes.
As educational researcher he has developed a series of techniques for the musical education in elementary school through the active listening: "Método intuitivo de audición musical" (Intuitive system of musical listening”, teaching several courses for teachers in Spain.
The visual, literary and picture support whereupon has accompanied listening and the school concerts that he has organized and programmed, having offered to the students a new way to listen to classical music.
He participated in the First International Meeting Early Education in Vitoria (Spain) in 1991 with an speech about the application of his system in the Kindergarden.
He has programmed several concerts for students adapting ballet and opera masterworks for young audiences. He has the following repertoire for piano and narrator: "Historia de Babar" de Francis Poulenc, "The Magic Flute" de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "The Firebird" de Igor Stravinsky y "Animal pricers" de Frieder Meschwitz. He has written four books about this matter:

"My first book of music" Real Musical Editions, Madrid, 1991
"To live, to love and to die for music" idem publishers and year

"Music for children" (C. XXI of España Ed, Madrid, 1993, México-1994)
 "Learning music with Vivaldi" (C. XXI of España Editores, 1994)

In 1992 he was granted a scholarship by the Commission of the V centennial of the Discovery of America to develop the project: "Gottschalk, a composer between Spain and Iberoamérica". In 1996 he made in collaboration with Metchild Weiss the first Spanish version of the opera "The Magic Flute” by W.A. Mozart.

The Ministry of Education granted him for the experts exchanging program to visit Finland and Denmark (Belahoj Skole and University of Oulu, 1996 and 1998, respectively).
Between 2001 and 2004 he coordinated the European Project Comenius “Let's to gahter, let's dance to together” (“Juntémonos, bailemos juntos”) with the participation of associated schools of Cyprus, Belgium and Italy.
Between 2005 and 2008 he has been a publishing adviser for Euphonia, a magazine of musical pedagogy (Graó Editorial, Barcelona, Spain).
From 2008 he is working as a Spanish teacher for the Consulate of Spain in New York (Education Department).
Also in the past few years he has realised a series of researchers to document the British influence in the esparto, mining and railway trade in Águilas, his hometown, between years 1874 and 1939. As a result of these investigations, most of them realised in foreign archives, it have been published and it will be published the following books:
"News from Aguilas. 1874-1939" (Published on summer 2008)
"Águilas and the British" (bilingual edition Spanish-English, Published on summer 2009)
“Águilas historical origins” (Published on summer 2012)
"Esparto, mining and railway in Aguilas" (Coming soon)
"Mining and mines in Águilas" (Coming soon)
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