Projects and Workshops
You can participate in any of the activities offered below. To study their organization and the conditions for its suitable development you should contact Antonio Hernandez.

  Concerts for enfants
Provide to the little ones the experience of attending to a real concert of classical music adapted to their age. Original and/or adapted works for piano, with or without narrator, for groups of children between 3 and 7 years old.
(one or more sessions with two or three passes each one)

  Didactic of the music appreciation
Course or seminar-workshop about using the active listening like an integrating point of activities in primary and secondary  school.
(one or two sessions)
  The Magic Flute by Mozart sung in Spanish
Offer to your conservatory, chamber orchestra, auditorium, school of music or conservatory the opportunity of performing the opera “The Magic flute” by W.A. Mozart in Spanish. Be first in premiere the complete opera version, and abridged version (including the most important arias) or a didactic version for students, with orchestra, piano or two pianos accompaniment.
(one or more sessions with one or two passes each one)

  The Ragtime workshop
Course-workshop of rehearsal and performance of instrumental classic and modern rags (from Joplin to Stravinsky) with optional closing concert.
Suggested ensemble: piano, flute-piccolo, clarinet, violin, trumpet, trombone, banjo, percussion.
(four or more sessions of two of three hours + concert)
International summer camps for teacher families exchange
Some families meet in Spain and/or other country for one or two weeks for teaching classes or lessons in the matter a member of the family now or is an expert (music, painting, languages, sports, etc.) to the members of the other families. The children are grouped by age in one or more groups of 8 children in each group at the most. Every family assumes the expenses of its stay and the organization of her activities and materials. (Preferred Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian).
(one or two weeks)

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