Vista del Castillo de Águilas y su Puerto. 1883
Vista del Castillo de Águilas y su Puerto. 1968
Vista del Castillo de Águilas y su Puerto. Años 80

 Intuitive methodology of musical   listening  Águilas and the British  Ragtime Concert Band
A new approach to music for children and teenagers. Can children live the Vivaldi, Beethoven or Elgar sound universe? Classical music improve children skills. There is no integral nor basic education without Art.
Located between the old Kingdoms of Granada and Murcia, the coastal city of Aguilas has always played a singular historical role. If it was chosen by the Romans to export garum from the beginning of the First century, the British did it too to export iron ore at the beginning of the 20th century. History is hidden in every corner of the city. Ragtime is the seed of the jazz. Although the jazz was born in New Orleans, on the bank of the Misissippi river, also it is certain that the best ragtime has been played in Murcia, on the bank of the Segura river.
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